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if you have illness, injury or disability, you should be receiving an exceptional service.

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Exercise Healthcare Australia started with two boys hoping to make a difference to people who had tried exercise and exercise programs with no success or haven't been able to try due to illness and injury.  Ben and Mitchell wanted to deliver this service like no one else in the industry. One of their University experiences saw them assist in the delivery of a Strength and Conditioning program with a professional Rugby Union team. 

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They got to see first hand what the elite do to get fitter, faster and stronger. They had evidence based long term exercise programs, they were supervised with everything they did, and no stone was left unturned. Athletes at the elite level make 1-2% improvements each year, with the best possible care.  You're probably thinking: 'what's this got to do with Exercise Healthcare Australia and people with chronic disease, disability and pain'? 

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Following this experience they both went on to complete clinical placements. Ben worked with people with spinal cord injuries teaching them to walk again, people with uncontrolled diabetes who needed regular monitoring to ensure their safety and the older person. Mitchell worked with people with Parkinson's disease, coming back from complex heart surgeries, and individuals with chronic pain. The two saw the impact that exercise could make on these people. Rather than 1-2% in a year, they improved 50-100% in a few months. And yet, these individuals were still not receiving the same level of care they had seen previously in an elite athlete environment. Ben and Mitchell believed they deserved and needed more.

AN ELITE LEVEL SERVICE FOR PEOPLE WITH DISEASE, disability and pain is what was needed.

So they started Exercise Healthcare Australia. EHA was set up to deliver this elite level service to everyone. Those with disease, disability, and pain need the best possible care, attention and support in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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..the outcomes they can achieve are incredible, 
especially with the right team, the right support and in the right environment. 

This mindset sees the boys now heading a team of like minded people with this same attitude, skills and commitment. This is to help those who need it and give them the best possible support, in the best possible environment, with the latest evidence based practice to achieve the best possible outcomes.  You just have to step into an EHA facility to feel what our team is all about. 

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north lakes


EHA North Lakes
63 Flinders Parade
North Lakes QLD 4509



Parkinson Health Club 
751 Algester Road

Parkinson QLD 4115




Exercise Healthcare Australia HQ
458 Enoggera Road
Alderley QLD 4051


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