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Want To Exercise But not sure what to do?

our purpose built facilities and education mean you can improve your health, safer and easier than ever before.

Who We Help

people like you

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People with muscle, bone or joint pain or injury, get back to doing what they love and getting through a day of work with tailored resistance training programs. 


People with disabilities exercise safely and effectively and reduce the limitations their disability may place on them. Even if they have never exercised before. 

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Older people and those with chronic disease move better and improve their health, even if they have never exercised before or tried exercise programs with no results. 


NDIS Providers
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Our Services
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we are passionate about helping you change your life.

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Why Do Exercise Physiology 
The EHA Way? 

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The EHA Way

We've Helped People In A Similar Situation To You Before.

We have been delivering Exercise Physiology services for over 5 years now. We have delivered them all across Queensland and have already helped 7,500 different people and counting. People with different pains, injuries and disabilities that they previously thought would stop them from being able to exercise. It's pretty likely they are still coming to see us. We know how to help you and you will probably be working alongside other people on similar journeys. 

Our Facilities Are
Built For You. 

Gone are the days of only using stretchy bands and bosu balls. In order to get the best possible results, you need the best possible equipment. We utilise rehabilitation machines and equipment that are both safe and effective for anyone who steps into our facilities. You won't have to spend the session worrying if that resistance band is going to snap and hit you in the eyes or if that squeaky treadmill is about to fall apart… 

Medical Exercise Therapy That Changes With You. 

We prescribe exercise like doctors prescribe medication. We take the time to assess and learn about you before we get you moving. We help you manage your health and conduct health monitoring pre and post sessions, so you don't have to worry. We also understand that your treatment plan will need to change with you. We understand you. You shouldn't be doing the same exercises day in and day out as you are not the same everyday, life happens. If you're having a bad day, we put you first, we will adapt the program to how you are feeling. Nonetheless, as you improve, we will continue to review and progress your program so you can continue to get better, move better, feel better and work towards your goal.  

A Whole Team Dedicated To Making Improving Your Health Easy. 

You getting back on track, rehabilitating your injury or just feeling better again should not be hindered by paperwork or not being able to find an appointment that suits your lifestyle. We have a team of clinically trained administration staff who take this burden away from you. Everything from appointments to paperwork is sorted, so you can get in and start without unnecessary hurdles (should you need it, the only hurdles you'll step over will be in the gym, but we'll get to that).

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